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The Story of Eames Furniture: Marilyn Neuhart with John Neuhart – Interview

November 19th, 2010 9:30 am

Web Design: Pontifical North American College – Vatican City

November 4th, 2010 2:42 pm

It’s been a little while since the launch of the Pontifical North American College website. I had the opportunity to design the website and work with Crucé Design to complete the construction of the site bringing it to life. The project ran super smooth. The website design and graphic design projects that I work on vary so much. It’s a great honor to be a part of such a diverse client base. The PNAC is a seminary college for Roman Catholic priestly formation within Vatican City in Europe. Below is a screen grab of the site, but click on the image to visit the site.


The Anticipation is Killing Me!

May 19th, 2010 9:25 am

I’ve been listening to Scott Hansen‘s music as Tycho for some time now.  It’s been a little while since he has releaced a new album so as you can imagine… I am really excited about this next release.  I’m not sure exactly when he will be releasing it, but I guarantee that it will be noting short of amazing.  Not only is this guy an amazing musician he is also an amazing graphic artist.  Below are a few images of his work, but go check him out HERE.

Bayou Teche Brewing Website Design and Photo Shoot

May 11th, 2010 1:32 pm

I had the opportunity to work on another project several months back with Crucé Design for Bayou Teche Brewing.  Bayou Teche Biere is distributed by Schilling Distributing.  For the project I did the initial design of the website interface along with all of the photography.  Crucé took the reins and put on a few final touches and coded the rest of the site.  It’s always nice to see a website go live because it is a lengthy process if you are going to do it right.  Here are a few images of both the site and photography that I’ve done for this project.

You can visit their website by clicking the link here:


Nickelodeon Rebranded

September 30th, 2009 2:25 pm


Takes me back, but it doesn’t at the same time.  Was there rebrand a good thing? Take the fun out of it?  What are your thoughts?  Here is the relaunch video:

Restyling the classic Airstream trailer

April 2nd, 2009 12:51 pm

One day I’ll have one of these bad boys!

Boxed Water is Better

March 16th, 2009 9:26 pm

Boxed Water is Better

“Started with the simple idea of creating a new bottled water brand that is kinder to the environment and gives back a bit – we found that it shouldn’t be bottled at all, but instead, boxed. So we looked to the past for inspiration in the century old beverage container and decided to keep things simple, sustainable, and beautiful.

About 90% of the Boxed Water container is made from a renewable resource, trees, that when harvested in a responsible, managed, and ethical way serve as an amazing renewable resource that benefits the environment even as it’s renewed. Our carbon footprint is dramatically lower as our boxes are shipped flat to our filler and filled only as demand is created, opposed to most bottled water companies that ship their empty bottles across the globe to be filled, then shipped back for consumption. The flat, unfilled boxes we can fit on 2 pallets, or roughly 5% of a truckload, would require about 5 truckloads for empty plastic or glass bottles. Our cartons can also be broken down to their original flat state, are recyclable in most areas, and will be everywhere shortly. We’re also giving 20% of our profits back to the resources our product is composed of – water and trees. Not only does it simply make sense, but we really enjoy supporting water and forestation organizations as it’s part of our company’s ethos and way of thinking to give back and participate. All that and an over-arching focus on simple and beautiful design that compliments our brand as well as the spaces it’s sold and consumed in.”

-taken from

February Monthly Desktop Wallpaper

February 2nd, 2009 5:03 pm

Here’s February… Something a little different.  Enjoy!

320 x 480 (IPHONE) 1024 x 768 1280 x 800 1280 x 1024 1440 x 900 1600 x 1024 1680 x 1050 1920 x 1200

Objectified – Documentary Film

January 6th, 2009 12:20 pm

Having a background in Industrial Design I can really appreciate what this film will offer. I’m sure you would find it equally as interesting. Enjoy:

YouTube Preview Image

A Greener way to Print Type.

December 13th, 2008 10:10 pm

With the whole “Green” movement going on people often ask themselves the question “What can I do?”. This can obviously be taken to many different levels and there are plenty of options out there. Tonight I would like to promote one.

Created by the guys atSPRANQ, Ecofont is a free sans-serif typeface, which has circular gaps along its spines, stems, bowls, descenders and ascenders.  These guys were looking for a way to reduce the amount of ink use through a typeface and they figured it out.  After extensive testing with all kinds of shapes, the best results were achieved using small circles. After lots of late hours (and coffee) this resulted in a font that uses up to 20% less ink.

At the size below the font doesn’t look to good and the way it resembles a neon sign might scare office users. However, at standard font sizes (9/10 pt.) Ecofont is very usable.  Not to mention that most inkjet printers bleed a bit which would fill the holes at a small size.  


Ecofont is not intended to replace all fonts, but for the majority of “throw away” printing that most people/companies do it is perfect.  And just incase you were curious, the guys at SPRANQ won’t be making a serif design because serif fonts use more ink.  

Is this something you would consider using?  Try it… It’s free to use!  
Also, try not getting a plastic lid for your drink at the fast food joint.  Imagine what you could save one lid at a time.

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