So my day begins… I open my eyes after a long night to my wife getting ready for her summer classes. This can be a really interesting time of the day. This is mainly because I never know how I am going to wake up. Sometimes I just want to scream “SHUT THE HELL UP… I AM TRYING TO SLEEP”, but I don’t because I am never ready for unwanted tension in the morning. Other times I wake up to the sounds of my wife and son and I can barley open my eyes to see (probably because I am over exhausting myself doing research on photography or doing design work till the wee hours of the night) but I just want to mess with them and have some morning fun! Keep in mind that this all happens in bed because I can barley move and it would be extremely dangerous to move around without being able to see (my son puts his toys everywhere… must get it from Rebecca!).

So that was this morning waking up… and wanting to hang out. I love messing with Rebecca in the morning! Well… I love messing with her all the time, but that’s just me! For some reason James Charles left early (didn’t even tell me bye… that little punk!). My wife is off to her classes and I am off to the office. Do a few things… deal with a few issues… talk about goals and future schedules with my ministry counterpart Georgette (great chick!). and I’m out!

Now I am heading to Lafayette… run into a few teens and visit for a while and talk about the Steubenville conference that we had this past weekend. Then at the window (McDonalds) I visit with a mom (who I love to mess with) who works there and I make my way to Lafayette.

I have a meeting at 1p and another sometimes after 2:30p, but first I head to CC’s for coffee (tall vanilla late with whip… always!), personal time, computer time, etc… Of course my daily routine always consists of me having a long phone conversation with Daniel. Now keep in mind that Daniel and I are business partners AND friends… This makes life really interesting. We talk business all the time, but my opinion on that is weird. We are friends who have a common passion about design, photography, the arts, etc… not necessarily the same opinion or beliefs (which opens the floor to frequent debate about “bad” design!), so we always end up talking about something that may appear to be business, and can be classified as business, but we are really talking about our passions of the design world! So basically it is non stop conversation either about a ton of stuff or nothing at all (like teenage boyfriend/girlfriend relationships listening to each other breathe on the phone… of course while we are doing design work or surfing on the internet)… for this reason we purchased web cams… we say it is for business communication (which we do use it for), but it beats the hell out of wasting precious minutes (more for Daniel, because I have free incoming) and we can at least visualize each others emotions when we love or hate something.

Now I am off to a meeting… I may or may not continue this later….